Special Dietary Foods

Special dietary foods include products, which are specially processed or formulated to satisfy particular dietary requirements. These special needs may exist because of a particular physical or physiological condition and/or specific diseases or disorders. The composition of these foods differs significantly from the composition of conventional foods of a comparable nature.

Special dietary foods must therefore fulfill the particular dietary requirements:

  • Of certain people whose digestive processes or metabolism are disturbed, or
  • Of certain people who are in special physiological condition and who are therefore able to obtain special benefit from a controlled consumption of certain substances in foodstuffs, or 
  • Of infants and young children.

Special dietary foods cover a broad range of products including foods for infants and young children, foods for special medical purpose, such as for hospital patients foods, foods for people with metabolic disorders or intolerances, or adult dietetic foods targeting adults with specific needs such as the elderly, overweight people, sports men and women, pregnant women.